Lateisha Green Murder Trial Set for July 13th

We've been bringing you news and information about Lateisha Green, the young African American transgender woman murdered in Syracuse, New York last fall.  She was shot and killed outside a house party on November 14, 2008 by Dwight DeLee, who allegedly shot her because he thought she was gay.

DeLee's trial is set to begin on Monday, July 13th.  TLDEF has been working with Teish's family since her death, and we're planning to be in Syracuse for the trial, working with family members to ensure that Teish's story is told in a fair and accurate manner.  We're working with GLAAD and a host of local organizations to ensure that Teish's story gets the attention it deserves. 

For our friends in Syracuse, we've got a memorial planned the weekend before the trial begins.  For our friends elsewhere, watch for our op-eds, press releases, and email and Twitter updates about the trial.  Don't just read them.  Forward them to friends and family.  Blog about Teish.  We're going to be holding press briefings and other events to ensure that the media understands this story and accurately reports it.  But we'll need your helpContact us if you see or hear any disparaging stories.  Together, we can ensure that the world learns something from Teish's senseless death and the crushing violence that transgender people face every day.

DeLee faces murder and hate crimes charges.  While DeLee recently asked the court to throw out the hate crimes charge, the judge refused to do so.  This is the first hate crimes prosecution in New York State involving the murder of a transgender person.  If DeLee is convicted, it will be only the second time in U.S. history that a transgender person's murder has resulted in a hate crimes convictionAngie Zapata's murder was the first. 

It is imperative that people learn about Lateisha's death and the violence that is so often a part of transgender people's lives.  We're doing everything we can to make sure that happens, and we hope we can count on your support.  We'll update you with additional information as it becomes available.