March with TLDEF at Pride!

Sunday’s the big day and we want to make sure that everyone’s prepared.  This year’s march is especially important, as it marks the fortieth anniversary of the Stonewall rebellion, a series of spontaneous, violent demonstrations against a police raid of Greenwich Village's Stonewall Inn that kicked off the modern-day movement for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equal rights.

Out of the thousands of groups marching this year, we’re #12.  Yup, 12.  We’ll be right up front with the City Council and dignitaries, so come out and help us put on a great show!  If you register to march, we’ll definitely have a t shirt  and sign for you.  But you don’t have to register in order to march with us.  Just show up at our designated meeting place and join the fun! 

Here's our march lineup time and place:  Sunday at 11 am on 56th Street between Fifth and Madison Avenues.

View Pride March Meeting Spot for TLDEF in a larger map

Look for the Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund banner. As group #12 in the march, we’ll be stepping off promptly. Don’t be late!

We've marked the route on the map above (just click and drag).  The march travels down Fifth Avenue, turns west onto Eighth Street, and then follows Christopher Street until it ends at Greenwich Street. It’s 4 miles of walking so wear comfortable shoes! Here are a few other tips that will help make the day successful and enjoyable:

  • bring and drink plenty of water – chances are, it’ll be hot out there;

  • bring and apply (and re-apply) sunscreen throughout the day;

  • wear a hat;

  • wear sunglasses;

  • pack a few Band-Aids (for your feet if nothing else);

  • bring a snack for the road (granola bar, apple, etc.);

  • welcome to June ’09 – listen to the weather report and pack an umbrella if needed.

Questions or concerns?  Contact us!  See you Sunday at 11!