Ban Employment Discrimination!

On January 14th, TLDEF called upon then New York State Governor Elliott Spitzer to issue an Executive Order immediately prohibiting discrimination bsed upon gender identity and expression in state employment.

There is ample precedent both in in New York and across the country over the past two decases for gubernatorial authority to issue such an order:  Governor Cuomo issued an order barring discrimination based on sexual orientation in 1983 and the Office of the State Comptroller banned such discrimation by order in 2003.  In addition, gender identity and expression non-discrimination provisions have been added to local law in several localities across the state; 153 Fortune 500 companies have established non-discrimination policies that include gender identity and expression; and thirteen states have statewide gender identity and expression non-discrimination statutes and another six states protect state employees by way of executive order.

Click here to read TLDEF's letter to former Governor Spitzer.  Check back often for updates on our work to ensure equal employment opportunity for transgender workers and for information on the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act.