Name Change Project Client Featured in New York Times

On March 16th, the New York Times Magazine featured an article on transgender and gender non-conforming students at women's colleges. The article, which you can read here, focused on Rey, a transman and participant in TLDEF's Name Change Project. The article followed Rey's transition from high school to college, including the ups and downs he experienced along the way. Rey described his early days at Barnard as "the worst semester ever" as he struggled to lead the normal life of a college student. But then, Rey said in the article, his life brightened. Among the reasons?  He was in the process of legally changing his name to a male name. But as he told the Times, at the time of the interview "he couldn’t decide whether to go casual (Rey) or Old Testament (Asher)."

Whatever the choice, we're happy we were there for Rey and all of our clients. We're thrilled that the Name Change Project was there to provide Rey with a lawyer to make his transition just a little bit easier, and his life just a little bit cheerier. If you or anyone you know needs our help, please contact us.