Transgender Community to Congress: "I Want to Work!"

Are you or a friendSignature looking for work? Do you only have a part-time or temporary job? Are you afraid of coming out at work and would like to have a job where you don’t have to worry every day about being fired? Are you being harassed at work and wish you had a better job? If so, this important action is for you!!

We are in the final push to get ENDA passed in the House of Representatives and we are calling on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people to go look for work—at your member of Congress’ office. We need you to demonstrate to Congress that we need jobs and that we are determined to get them. Whatever your field of work, ask them for a job and for your rights!

Here is a sample cover letter to send to your Congressional office that also calls on your member of Congress to support your job search by supporting ENDA. Personalize the cover letter as you see fit, print out a copy of your résumé, and go down to your Representative’s office that is closest to your home and hand it in. If you absolutely can’t travel to your Representative’s district office, fax or e-mail your information.

Here are some tips:

1. You can find out who your member of Congress is and where their offices are located at

2. You can find help on how to write a résumé and other job search tips at:

- Out & Equal’s CareerLink:

- Out for Work (for LGBT students):

- Pride at Work (AFL-CIO):

3. Congress is a formal white-collar institution, so put on the best business clothes that you have (for example, a suit, pantsuit or blouse and skirt) so that you’ll be taken seriously as a Congressional job applicant.

4. Print out your cover letter and résumé neatly.

Take your letter to your Representative’s office whether or not they support ENDA—the purpose of this action is to demonstrate the need for jobs for LGBT people. And, you might get work as well! We hope so.

Please also send a copy to and we will deliver the resumes and this important message to the White House and your state’s Senators, asking for their active support in putting LGBT people back to work. If you can, have a friend take a picture of you delivering your resume and email that, too!

We need your help NOW to reach every LGBT person who is unemployed or underemployed and ask them to take action.  We need people in each and every Congressional district in the country to demonstrate the urgency of ENDA for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

With LGBT people continuing to face rampant employment discrimination, we need Congress to act now.

And if you have a job, support those in our community who are out of work by calling your member of Congress right now and urging them to support ENDA, HR 3017.