Help Us Win the Fight for Equal Rights

Washington Times

We need your help.  Our opponents have taken notice of our work.  They are determined to stop us when we are just getting started.  They are organized and they are very well funded.  Yesterday, the Washington Times, an influential newspaper described by the New York Times as a "veritable who's who of conservatives," published an editorial ("The latest birth certificate scandal") criticizing our lawsuit challenging New York City's practice of requiring transgender people to undergo surgery before it will issue them birth certificates with corrected sex designations.

The editorial described our work for equal rights as a "radical agenda."  It criticized our work on the adoption of new guidelines for changing the sex marker on passports.  It called transgender people "mixed up" and "messed up," and described our goals as "dangerous."

When you file a first-of-its-kind lawsuit pushing the boundaries of civil rights law, you expect some pushback.  And when that pushback comes from the bullhorn of the conservative movement, using bigotry and fear to dehumanize you, you know that you've struck a nerve and that your opponents are afraid that you might succeed.  Let’s do just that.

And let's be clear while we’re at it.  There's nothing radical about an agenda for equal rights and equal treatment.  We've spoken the truth about this issue from the moment we filed suit against New York City:  A birth certificate is a fundamental form of identification.  By refusing to give transgender people accurate birth certificates that reflect who they are, the government subjects transgender people to harassment and discrimination in areas like employment where ID is essential to proving eligibility to work.  Proper ID is essential for full participation in society.  As long as the government discriminates against transgender people by denying them accurate ID, transgender people will continue to be pushed to the margins of society.

Our opponents have a media platform and vast funding with which to attack our work.  We need your help to level the playing field.  Whatever you can afford - $5, $50, $500 or $5,000 - please donate now to help us win this case and the battle for equal rights.

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Thank you for your support.

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Michael Silverman
Executive Director