TLDEF on the Today Show

TLDEF client Khadijah Farmer and executive director Michael Silverman were featured in a Today Show segment about Khadijah's case and the gender discrimination she experienced at Caliente Cab Company restaurant.  In the October 11th segment with Today co-host Meredith  Vieira, Khadijah described her experience of being ejected from the women's restroom at the restaurant for appearing too masculine.  “I was in there maybe a minute” when the bouncer came in, she told Vieira.  She described how the bouncer pounded on her bathroom stall door, and how she felt frightened and embarassed when she could see him through the crack in the stall door.

TLDEF executive director Silverman told Vieira, “What we really want is to make sure this doesn’t happen to people elsewhere again."  “In this case, we believe the fundamental issue is, who gets to decide whether someone’s gender expression is appropriate? Is it Khadijah, or is it every bouncer in a restaurant? Is it every employer or manager who says, ‘Well, would you try a strand of pearls? Maybe that would make you look more feminine. Maybe we’d like you more in the workplace’?” 

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