Happy holidays! Your gift to TLDEF will be doubled!

Happy Holidays

Happy holidays! Thank you for helping us to expand and enrich our work for equal rights in 2013.

It was a watershed year for TLDEF and transgender rights. Our cases captured the public's attention and catapulted the issue of transgender rights to the forefront of public debate. Few people were aware of the unique challenges that transgender students face when we filed a Complaint on behalf of 6-year-old Coy Mathis earlier this year. We changed that. From the pages of the The New York Times and Rolling Stone to television shows like Katie!, we brought the issue to the nation and the world. The decision handed down in Coy's case was the most comprehensive ruling ever supporting the rights of transgender people to access bathrooms without harassment or discrimination.

Our staff grew with additions to our development, communications and legal teams. Our footprint expanded around the country. We brought the Name Change Project to cities like Pittsburgh, Rochester and Milwaukee, and laid the groundwork for further expansion in 2014. The project helped people like Adam Ramos, a young transgender man whose true identity does not match the name on his driver's license or social security card. Over and over, he found himself in challenging and sometimes scary situations because of the disparity between his identity and his identification. Adam is now officially changing his name with our help and said, “TLDEF and the Name Change Project changed my life, giving me a new sense of confidence and self-respect.”

We need your help to continue this work and we have a great way for you to maximize your giving to TLDEF this holiday season. Your new or increased gift will be matched by a generous $100,000 challenge grant from The Calamus Foundation. For new donors, every dollar you donate will be matched. For returning donors, Calamus will match every dollar above your previous gift. This is a phenomenal opportunity for new and longtime supporters to make more of their gifts and support TLDEF's work. Help us meet the match by joining our Leadership Circle or making a donation of any amount now!

We are grateful to everyone who helped make 2013 such a successful year for us: TLDEF’s staff, volunteers, donors, board members, sponsors and the community members who entrust us to work with them for equal rights.

We wish you the happiest of holidays!

Best wishes,

Michael Silverman
Executive Director