TLDEF Ensures Bathroom and Locker Room Access for Transgender Student

Restroom Sign

TLDEF’s advocacy has paved the way for a twelve-year-old transgender student to gain access to the boys’ bathroom and locker room at his middle school. He was originally barred from using the boys’ facilities and told he would have to use the bathroom in the school nurse’s bathroom, and change for sports in the faculty bathroom. The discrimination caused him significant anxiety because he was singled out and separated from his peers. It also caused physical difficulties for him because he avoided using the bathroom altogether during school hours. This led to bladder irritations and caused him to wet himself.

Following TLDEF’s outreach to the school district, reminding the entity of its own policies barring such poor treatment of students and a municipal ordinance protecting transgender people from discrimination, the school did the right thing and changed course, allowing the student access to the boys bathroom and locker room moving forward. He has been in school without incident since we resolved this matter at the start of the school year. We are very pleased that our efforts resulted in a victory for this student who is now receiving the respect and dignity that he and all students deserve so they may thrive in school.