Name Change Project Clients Overwhelmingly Young Transgender Women of Color Living in Poverty

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More than 300 people contacted us for help through the Name Change project in 2013. Most of these requests for assistance came from New York City, which was the only location where we provided project services for most of the year.

We collect demographic data on project participants, and for 2013 we found the following: Two-thirds of Name Change Project clients are transgender women. About two-thirds are people of color, predominantly African American and Latino.

Name Change project clients are young: 42% are less than 24-years-old, 30% are age 24 – 29, 12% are age 30 – 39, and only 16% are over 40-years-old.

Finally, Name Change Project clients in 2013 were also overwhelmingly poor or low-income. Nearly two-thirds received Medicaid or another form of public assistance. Two-thirds of clients reported an annual income of less than $10,000. 19% reported an annual income between $10,000 and $20,000. Only 16% reported an annual income over $20,000.

The Name Change Project offers vital assistance for the people we serve. Many would not otherwise have options or resources to maneuver the legal system in order to match their legal documents with who they are. We are proud to help all of our Name Change Project clients bring their legal names in line with their true identities to help them live authentic lives.