TLDEF Bids Farewell to Staff Attorney Noah Lewis

Noah LewisTLDEF Staff Attorney Noah Lewis has left the organization after five years of distinguished service on behalf of hundreds of transgender people across the county. Noah has opened his own law practice where he will continue his transgender rights work.

During his time with TLDEF, Noah played a critical role in advocating for changes to New York City’s discriminatory birth certificate policy, a policy that is currently under review thanks to his efforts. Among other things, he spearheaded the country’s first-ever lawsuit challenging the discriminatory requirement that transgender people undergo surgery to correct their birth certificates.

He worked tirelessly to expand access to health care for transgender people, and to end discriminatory health insurance exclusions that harm transgender people by denying them access to medically necessary care.

And he helped to expand TLDEF’s Name Change Project, which has now served over 1600 community members.

Noah worked hard on behalf of our clients and we will miss him. We are extremely grateful to Noah for his service to the community and wish him tremendous success in his new practice!