TLDEF In the News

In The News

In the last three months, TLDEF’s cases and stances on key issues have received extensive press attention. Some highlights include an op-ed in the Sunday edition of the New York Daily News in August that honored transgender Harlem resident Islan Nettles one-year after her killing, and called for authorities to bring justice in her case once and for all. “For the transgender community — scarred by a long and difficult history of violence and an often uneasy relationship with law enforcement — the vacuum of information makes reasonable community members question whether or not resources are truly being directed towards this investigation,” wrote TLDEF Executive Director Michael Silverman.

TLDEF also shared insights in an August USA Today story about a transgender teenager in New Jersey who was facing discrimination at her middle school.

In September, TLDEF garnered significant media coverage for its federal lawsuit on behalf of 16-year-old Chase Culpepper, a transgender teen who was denied the right to wear everyday makeup in her driver’s license photo. Dozens of media outlets spotlighted the case, including CNN, FOX News Channel, The Associated Press, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Advocate, Buzzfeed and many more. In addition, Chase Culpepper and her mom Teresa appeared live on MSNBC to discuss the case with anchor T.J. Holmes. (At the time of the incident and lawsuit filing, we referred to Chase as gender nonconforming and used male pronouns in accordance with her wishes. That is reflected in these media reports. Chase has since begun identifying as transgender and using female pronouns and our discussion of her case reflects that here.)

Most recently, TLDEF and three of its plaintiffs were featured in the Associated Press, Capital, and DNA Info for testifying before the New York City Council Health Committee, urging the council to end the city’s discriminatory birth certificate policy. You can read all of our collected press coverage here.

This latest overall coverage has ensured that millions of Americans have learned about our efforts to secure transgender rights. Our visibility helps to move public opinion in favor of transgender equality. We look forward to a continued positive media presence in the months ahead.