TLDEF Submits Comments on New York's Proposed Regulation to End Medicaid Ban on Transgender Health Care

Medicaid PlaintiffsThis week, TLDEF submitted comments on a regulation proposed by the New York State Department of Health that would end the 16-year-old exclusion of transgender health care under New York’s Medicaid program.

In our comments, we urged New York to adopt the regulation in a modified form that would remove all restrictions for medically necessary transgender health care, including for transgender youth.  We previously called upon the state to remove the transgender health exclusion from its Medicaid program in March 2013.

The new regulation will dramatically improve the lives of many transgender New Yorkers, but as currently written it still excludes coverage for many medically necessary services and treatments.  It excludes virtually all health care for transgender youth. In our comments, we call upon the state to make necessary modifications to the regulation to bring it in line with the most current treatment standards in transgender health care.

We will continue to update you on the status and implementation of this regulation.