TLDEF's Advocacy Work Included in Two Movement Advancement Project Reports About Obstacles Facing Transgender Americans

MAP LogoTLDEF’s transgender rights work is featured in two important reports released in February by the Movement Advancement Project (MAP) and several LGBT and progressive organizations.The reports paint an in-depth picture of the immense challenges transgender people still face in America, despite increased positive media visibility.They also offer recommendations on how to address this inequality through legal and social change.

In the first report, Understanding Issues Facing Transgender Americans, TLDEF’s work is featured in a section about the obstacles transgender people face in the area of relationship recognition. MAP highlighted our case on behalf of the widow of a transgender man who was initially denied her husband’s pension benefits by the major car manufacturer where he worked for decades. TLDEF’s intervention brought a positive resolution for the surviving spouse.

In the second report, Paying an Unfair Price: The Financial Penalty for Being Transgender in America, a number of TLDEF’s cases are highlighted in a section on the difficulties transgender people often encounter when trying to obtain accurate identity documents. MAP included our work on behalf of transgender women in West Virginia who experienced discrimination at the DMV. MAP also included our advocacy in the case of a New York State transgender woman who was denied a fee waiver for her legal name change until TLDEF intervened. TLDEF successfully convinced a court to reverse its decision, waive the fee and grant the name change.

We thank MAP for spotlighting our work and showing what is at stake for the everyday people who have experienced anti-transgender bias. We look forward to working with MAP to continue raising awareness about the barriers confronting the transgender community and how we can address them.