Nevada State Assembly Rejects Bill Targeting Transgender Students for Discrimination

Nevada State Seal April 22, 2015 - TLDEF celebrates news that a Nevada bill singling out transgender students for discrimination has failed. Last night the Nevada State Assembly rejected Assembly Bill 375 on a 22-20 vote. The legislation aimed to roll back anti-discrimination protections adopted by Nevada legislators in 2011 by denying transgender students access to bathrooms that match who they are as boys and girls. It attempted to carve out a special exemption for students from Nevada’s anti-discrimination law, which otherwise protects transgender people from discrimination in public accommodations, including bathrooms.

Statement from TLDEF Executive Director Michael Silverman

“We are thrilled to see this harmful legislation voted down in Nevada and congratulate Equality Nevada for its efforts to defeat it. Transgender students already face immense challenges just trying to live their lives authentically, often encountering a hostile school environment simply because of who they are. Denying these students the ability to use a bathroom that matches who they are would have compromised their safety and jeopardized their well-being in school.

“We were alarmed by this effort to limit Nevada’s statewide law protecting transgender people by targeting the State’s students. This bill would have put transgender students in harm’s way. We are glad it has failed.”