Obama Administration Moves to Undo 'Conscience' Clause

Earlier in the year, we brought you the news that with just over a month left in George W. Bush's term as President, the Department of Health and Human Services issued a new regulation that could seriously undermine the ability of transgender people to get basic, primary health care.  We are now very pleased to report that the Obama administration has moved to roll back the regulation, which grants broad protection to health workers who refuse to provide health care that they allege goes against their consciences.

The Department of Health and Human Services served notice on Friday, February 27th that it intends to rescind the regulation, which was originally announced on December 19, 2008, and took effect on the day President Obama took office.

When the administration publishes official notice of its intent, probably during the week of March 2nd, a 30-day period for public comment will begin, after which the regulation can be repealed or modified.  Check here often, as we'll keep you informed of any additional developments.

In the meantime, thank President Obama for moving to undo the damage done by the departing Bush administration.