TLDEF Celebrates Transgender Day of Visibility

Transgender Flag March 31, 2016 - TLDEF today stands with advocates throughout the world in celebrating the Transgender Day of Visibility, a day set aside to amplify the accomplishments of transgender people globally.

Statement from TLDEF Executive Director Michael Silverman

“On this Transgender Day of Visibility, we are proud to join millions around the planet in honoring the monumental contributions of our community. Every day transgender people add to the rich fabric of our world by pursuing their dreams and living their lives authentically, even in the face of widespread misunderstanding. That is especially true this year, as states like North Carolina target community members for discrimination. As an organization devoted to ensuring that transgender people are treated equally under the law and with dignity and respect in their daily lives, we remain committed to celebrating transgender lives, promoting understanding, and fighting for transgender equality.”

Learn more about the Transgender Day of Visibility here.