NJ Adopts Updated Gender Declaration Policy

TLDEF applauds the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission's adoption of an updated gender declaration policy, drafted in consultation with transgender activists, including the Gender Rights Association of New Jersey (GRAANJ).  Under the policy update, a resident wishing to have their license reflect their new gender may submit a “Declaration of Gender Designation Change” application that attests to their gender identity.

"This common-sense approach will provide New Jersey residents with identification that accurately reflects the gender in which they live," TLDEF executive director Michael Silverman said.  "A lot of discrimination against people who are transgender occurs when they are unable to produce identification that matches who they appear to be," he added.  "In employment, housing and public accommodations, having identification that accurately reflects their gender will go a long way towards minimizing some of the discrimination that people who are transgender experience."

Prior to the policy update, residents could not officially change the gender marker on their licenses until they had completed sex-reassignment surgery.