TLDEF Condemns Shooting Targeting Las Vegas Trans Bar

TLDEF Condemns Shooting Targeting Las Vegas Trans Bar

TLDEF is extremely troubled by reports that a transgender nightclub in Las Vegas was singled out last Friday by an individual who shot into the establishment and injured a trans woman of color named Callie Lou-Bee Haywood, shattering bones in one of her legs. Another patron was reportedly shot in the stomach and the injury was not life threatening.

The outlets Into, LGBTQ Nation, and The Daily Dot are the only media entities to fully cover the initial details of the incident and their reporting indicates there is a serious lack of attention to this crime against the Las Vegas Lounge by local law enforcement and by the local mainstream press.

      Statement from TLDEF Interim Executive Director Dolph Goldenburg

"This incident is yet another example of the hatred directed at our trans communities for simply living authentically and gathering at a local place where they feel comfortable and welcome. No one should ever be targeted for who they are, but far too often trans people, and particularly trans people of color, are singled out and subjected to violence.

“It's up to all of us to speak out and take action. We call on Las Vegas law enforcement authorities and the Las Vegas media to get to the bottom of this senseless crime and give it the attention it deserves. We send our support and encouragement to Ms. Haywood as she recovers from her injury, as well as the other patron who was shot in the stomach, and all who were impacted by the shooting."