WE WON'T BE ERASED

The headline in yesterday’s New York Times said it all: “The Trump Administration [is] Trying to Define Transgender Out of Existence.”

Because of the leaked Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) memo, we know that the DHHS hopes to define gender as male or female as designated at birth. We condemn this attempt as cruel, unfair, and punitive to transgender and gender nonconforming Americans who simply seek to live as their authentic selves.

This has not been the Administration’s first attack on transgender Americans, and it likely won’t be the last. Many transgender and gender nonconforming people throughout the nation are truly frightened by this latest attempt to roll back decades of progress, but our community has time to organize and fight this effort. To be clear, DHHS’ internal memo itself can’t change policy and it can’t change the law.

Before DHHS can change the current definition, it must seek public comment and explain how it will address concerns.  TLDEF will work with our partners, other civil rights organizations, and the medical community to flood the Department with comments opposing a change in the definition and demanding a response to these proposed changes.

We will also organize progressive health and human service organizations to question why DHHS spends its resources attacking tax-paying, law-abiding transgender Americans when nearly 30 million people remain without healthcare in our country.

We are gearing up for the fight of our lives in the coming months, and we hope you will stand with TLDEF and support our efforts.

We won’t be erased.