TLDEF Condemns Trump Admin. Attempt to Roll Back Transgender Health Care Protections

TLDEF Condemns Trump Administration's
Attempt to Roll Back Transgender Health Care Protections
New York, NY -  Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund (TLDEF) today spoke out against proposed new regulations from the Trump-Pence Administration that attempt to sanction health care discrimination against transgender people. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) rule invites insurance companies, hospitals, doctors, and nurses to illegally deny patients care because of who they are, despite protections mandated by the Affordable Care Act.
Statement from TLDEF Executive Director Andy Marra
“No person should be deprived from receiving life-saving treatment simply for being who they are. Yet today’s proposed rule invites health care professionals, hospitals, and insurance companies to selectively determine who is deserving of medically necessary care. There is nothing conscionable or humane about placing transgender people in harm’s way when we already face immense barriers. This administration has made it clear that transgender people are prime targets and we will continue to push back against their insidious agenda.”
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