Host a House Party for TLDEF!

Host a Fundraiser

Thank you for your interest in hosting a house party or other event to benefit Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund!  We are grateful for your help.

House parties and other benefit events are terrific ways to engage friends and supporters in our work.   They spark a dialogue about equal rights, freedom and fairness.  They give you the chance to involve your friends and family in something you believe in.  Individuals who contribute to a cause they believe in are the foundation of success for non-profit organizations like TLDEF.

We provide support and materials to people willing to host events on behalf of TLDEF.  To get started, just contact us!  We’ll be happy to answer your questions or provide you with information about planning and organizing a house party or other benefit event.  We can send you TLDEF materials, including donation forms, flyers, articles, and similar items.  You can make these available at your event and continue to share them with friends afterwards.

We also may be able to help you identify a TDLEF speaker for your event, like a local National Advisory Board member or a staff member.  If you are planning a larger event and would like us to help promote it to the general public, we can post it on our website, and on Facebook and Twitter.

Don’t Be Afraid to Fundraise!

Don’t be concerned if this is the first fundraiser you’ve hosted.  The most effective solicitations for support come from friends who share something that is important to them with their friends.   When you tell people that the event is a fundraiser, they will already know that you are going to ask for money, and they will be ready to give when you tell them why TLDEF is important to you.

The key to success is that YOU believe in TLDEF and that you are able to explain to people why raising money to support TLDEF’s work is so important to you.  Research an issue on our website that interests you.   Or consider sharing a personal story of discrimination that you or someone you know has faced for being transgender.

Ultimately, you are the person who will have the largest impact on motivating your friends and guests to give.  You will be asking your friends to support a cause that is personally important to you.

Remember, though, that we’re here to help every step of the way.  And please know how much we appreciate the work you’re doing to raise the critical funds needed to fight for transgender equal rights.