Equality & Justice Day 2009 Important Security and ID Information

You should be aware that the New York State Capitol, the Legislative Office Building (LOB) and its surrounding buildings utilize airport-like security measures.  Please be prepared to pass through a metal detector and have your belongings sent through an X-ray machine.  Anyone sixteen and older (16+) may be asked to show a photo ID to enter a building you may be visiting this day.

We recommend that attendees carry a photo ID at all times. In addition, items that are sharp (such as pocket knives) or may be construed as weapons will not be allowed in any of the Empire State Plaza buildings.  Because such items might be confiscated during security checks and will not be returned, we suggest you leave such items at home.

Due to the security measures, you should also leave yourself plenty of time to travel between the Convention Center meeting room and any appointments you might have with legislators.

If you have any questions at all about the validity of your identification or any of these security measure, contact us.