Shane Diamond, Communications Manager


Shane Diamond (he / him / his) is a trans activist and educator, former college ice hockey player, and proud New Mexican. As the Communications Manager at TLDEF, Shane brings over a decade of experience in communications strategies, nonprofit leadership and advocacy, and a keen eye for compelling storytelling. Shane joins the TLDEF team as the inaugural Communications Manager by way of EqualityMaine's Communications Director and as the founder and former Executive Director of Speak About It, Inc, an organization that teaches consent education and sexual assault prevention to high school and college students through theater and facilitated workshops. He has been featured as one of Maine Magazine’s 50 Mainers Balancing Heritage and Progress in 2018 as well as numerous print, radio, and TV appearances for his work as a trans man in nonprofit leadership in Maine. Outside of TLDEF, you can find Shane maintaining a sourdough starter, nurturing a home yoga practice, moving through a Netflix queue that is equal parts true crime drama, stand up, and drag, and spending time with his partner and their dog, Harvey Chocolate Milk. Shane graduated from Bowdoin College and resides in Brooklyn.

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Updated on Aug 13, 2020