Terrence Francois, Associate, Donor Engagement & Campaigns

Terrence Francois

Terrence Francois (he / him / his) is a charismatic and proud Black, transgender, queer, first-generation Caribbean. As TLDEF’s Donor Engagement & Campaigns Associate, he brings a decade of organizational fundraising experience and event producing expertise, savviness and leadership to the position. He has trained and consulted over 200 community based organizations to successfully and confidently meet their fundraise goals integrating technology, social media, friendships and storytelling. He has lead non-profit fundraising campaigns for important issues such as affordable housing, immigrant rights, and LGBTQIA youth leadership in New York and California.

Terrence’s vision and drive is to empower under-resourced, creative and resilient
communities through all means necessary. He’s worked along side of filmmakers,
content creators and software engineers as the Co-Founder of a digital media
company. And was previously a board member of San Francisco Women Against
Rape. Outside of work you can find him producing and emcing the fashion pop-up
event Wear Versatile, a Queer & Trans Thrift Social, @wearversatile. Terrence lives a
bicoastal life between Brooklyn, NY and Oakland, CA. He received a Bachelors in
Communication from Fordham University.

Contact Terrence at tfrancois@transgenderlegal.org

Updated on Feb 1, 2021