TLDEF Demands that NBC/Comcast Apologize for Transphobic Saturday Night Live Skit


On Saturday, January 29, NBC's Saturday Night Lived aired a cruel and transphobic skit.  It revolved around "Estro-Maxx" and it amounted to nothing more than an attack on transgender people. 

The piece purported to represent transgender women during gender transition on "Estro-Maxx" hormone therapy, and mocked them with representations of men with facial hair wearing dresses.  It was an attack on transgender women, plain and simple. 

"Degrading, dehumanizing and ridiculing transgender people isn't comedy," said Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund (TLDEF) executive director Michael Silverman.  "Saturday Night Live's skit contributes to the toxic brew of intolerance that leads to real-life discrimination, harassment and violence for transgender people."

TLDEF demands that NBC and its owner Comcast apologize and take steps to ensure that similar segments do not air again in the future.

Please visit GLAAD's web site, where you can demand action from NBC and tell Saturday Night Live that transgender people deserve respect.