TLDEF Joins Arcus Foundation’s National Transgender Advocacy Convening

Arcus Foundation Logo

On Tuesday, November 12, TLDEF Executive Director Michael Silverman attended an all day “National Transgender Advocacy Convening” at the Arcus Foundation. The daylong gathering brought together around 40 transgender activists and allies to identify strategic opportunities to increase support and advocacy for transgender communities in the United States. Activists brainstormed about the most pressing issues in the community and discussed how Arcus could help support those efforts. The overarching framework was reducing stigma and discrimination, with a focus on increasing physical safety, economic security and healthcare access for trans people, and making trans lives more visible in the public and law/policy spheres. The objectives for the convening included providing trans leaders and allies from across the country with an opportunity to network and engage in critical dialogue; disseminate research, information and ideas; and discuss strategies and solutions that are ripe for intervention. We thank Arcus for including TLDEF in this important conversation and look forward to putting ideas into action.