Oklahomans For Equality Support TLDEF Client Dr. Rachel Tudor In Fifth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals

On January 10, 2017 Oklahomans for Equality, Inc., Oklahoma’s leading LGBT civil rights organization, filed a friend of the court brief with the New Orleans-based Fifth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in support of TLDEF client Dr. Rachel Tudor. As previously reported, on January 3, Dr. Tudor advised the Fifth Circuit that a nationwide injunction issued by a federal judge in Texas should not stop her case against Southeastern Oklahoma State University and its governing board from proceeding to a jury trial in Oklahoma. 


Oklahomans for Equality’s brief draws the Fifth Circuit’s attention to the fact that the State of Oklahoma has no laws which prohibit transgender people in Oklahoman K–12 schools or colleges from accessing restrooms that match their sex. This is contrary to erroneous findings made by the lower court. It also explains that schools and colleges throughout Oklahoma have adopted transgender inclusive policies, revealing that the will of the Oklahoman people is in stark conflict with the Oklahoma Attorney General’s anti-trans arguments in the lower court.